Our vision

We want to bring good, tailored design to companies of all sizes. Welcome on a journey with us on creating better, more accessible and affordable design tools!  👋

Founder's Profile
Janne Aukia, founder
Duotone was built out of two frustrations of ours when creating brand design for new companies and products:
  1. ①  creating high-quality, but affordable company brand design, and
  2. ②  bringing that design from concept to production.
For a founder, getting a good brand design is expensive and time consuming: the price of professional brand designs is often between $3.000 and $100.000. And when your strategy changes or new people are introduced to the company, you have to redesign your brand and all of the investment goes into waste.
Finding a good designer and getting a pretty design from a brand designer as a PDF document or a Figma file is just the first step. Adapting the designs for web and marketing material requires a lot of effort and has to take different technical constraints into account. The end result is often lower quality than the original brand design envisioned.
We feel that Duotone could be the solution to these problems. And building it together with our users, we can make it even better.

A better approach

We feel strongly that any startup or new product design should start with an MVB, that is, a minimum viable brand.
Brand design should be professional and clean, but for a new product it shouldn't try to reinvent the wheel: most people purchasing products and services want something that feels unique and clean, but at the same time familiar to them.
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No brand should be fixed. Instead, when your product grows, your brand messaging and style should adapt. And your design guidelines, templates and design system should update automatcially.
Duotone provides the perfect base for your brand design: either start with an existing brand style or create a completely new one. When you need new brand material, such as web content, social media or illustrations, Duotone will provide you with the right assets. And if your brand style changes, you can update all of the assets automatically.

What's on our roadmap?

We have plenty of interesting functionality in plans for Duotone for the near future. Here is a sneal peek to our roadmap:

Create brand styles easilyLive

Generate illustrationsLive

Export Tailwind stylesLive

Import existing stylesSoon

Detailed web page designsSoon

Enhanced designs and illustrationsSoon

Social media post creatorSoon

Edit brand in detailSoon

Export brand bookLater

PowerPoint slide templatesLater

Custom UI, web page and app designsLater

Explore design alternatives visuallyLater

What do you think, anything missing here? Curious to hear more about the backlog? Join our journey and help us shape the product to fit your needs!

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