Custom design tools using the Duotone Platform

Looking for custom tooling or a tailored solution to create designs automatically or to embed design generators in your app or web site? We can help you with that. Duotone Platform let's you build your own design tools and workflows to fit your needs.

Domain Hosting and Site Builders

Offer your customers something beyond just a stale template or a placeholder web site, such as custom web designs and starting point for business brand design.

Marketing and Digital Agencies

Replace routine packaging and digital signage work with automated solutions to improve efficiency, delivery time and customer satisfaction.

Special Industries

Solve specific needs for generating automated designs, such as advanced web dashboard theming or car dashboard designs.


Need color, typography, illustration or layout styles in your own tool on demand? Use Duotone design API to fetch, generate and complete design details.

Embedded Design Generators

Want to create a wizard similar to the one in the Duotone editor, but customize it to the needs of your product and embed it in your application? Contact us to hear more.

Anything you can imagine!

Looking for something else related to design automation? Perhaps design tools for architecture, VR, fashion, marketing or product personalization? Be in contact, and let's see what can be done for that.

Tell us more about your design needs and learn more about the Duotone Platform