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Effortless Design.

Forget templates. Get a unique brand identity for your startup in minutes.

Example of a brand design generated using Duotone

Duotone offers a straightforward solution to define your company's brand. With just a few clicks, access everything you need: website design, brand guidelines, social media aesthetics, logos, and colors, all automatically generated for you.

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For Founders

Establish a distinctive professional brand identity before hiring the first designer. Duotone unifies your brand elements, fostering trust and credibility from the start.

For Designers

Become a better designer with Duotone. Explore a broader design space, seamlessly share styles, and streamline your workflow with this creative collaborator.

For Agencies

Duotone increases agency project delivery speed. Develop design assets, impress clients with visual mock-ups, and optimize resources for sustained relationships.

Unlimited design variations

Unlock the power of AI to create distinctive designs in seconds. Our platform leverages machine learning to understand your brand's essence and generate visuals that stand out.

Full control of design output

Fine-tune your designs with intuitive controls. Adjust layouts, colors, and fonts to perfect your brand's look. With our platform, you have full control over the smallest details.

Duotone Platform

Streamline design with Duotone's API, seamlessly integrating style generation into your platform. Our white-label solution adapts to industries like automotive and packaging, offering custom design tooling for a cohesive brand experience.

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Unlimited design variations. One source design, use everywhere.